Our Story

I have some creative children, and they come up with big ideas.

This idea started with my twin preteen daughters.

My daughters participated in a local “Entrepreneur Day” for kids in our homeschool co-op. They plotted out business ideas, products, marketing, and how they would set up and run their business. They settled upon their favorite hobby of making accessories for their 18 inch dolls, and “Designs for Dolls” was born.

After designing and creating each doll accessory with great detail, they launched their booth in our hometown with great success. When the day was over, they took some photos of their products, and we shared them with the online community.

Within the hour, we had an overwhelming response. It took three weeks to send the orders out, and at that point, it truly became a project for the whole family.

They wanted an Etsy shop, so we launched it in January 2018.

We now have our own web store, and are continuing to create new designs for girls and their dolls.

We will continue to expand our “Designs for Dolls” product line, so sign up for our email list and check back often to see what new designs this creative duo will come up with next!