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True & Lovely Doll Club

Launching September 8th!

Or should I say re-launching?  You may remember the club from a few years ago!  Well… it’s back, and here’s what you can expect!!!


Mission Statement

“…Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Philippians 4:8


Club Aim:

To Cultivate Playtime with a Purpose 

I want to give my girls true and lovely things to think about while they play with their favorite toys.  They love to imagine and pretend. They create worlds and stories.  I want the focus of their playtime to center on what is excellent and praiseworthy!  Based on Philippians 4:8, this is the purpose I want to give their playtime: to think about God and His Word and His creation.


How Does the Club Work?

You will receive a weekly email from Designs for Dolls every Tuesday (beginning Sept. 8th).

Each month the emails will follow this format:

  • Week 1 – Club Connections
  • Week 2 – Activity Adventures
  • Week 3 – Bible Buddies
  • Week 4 – Recap & Review


Club Connections will be a digital pdf download containing all the monthly content you will need for the club.  It is designed for girls to gather once a month with their local friends and their dolls to share a club meeting.  This option can be in-person or through an online format such as zoom.  While including friends can be fun, club meetings can also be held with parents, siblings, or just a girl and her dolls.  Instructions are in the Club Connections for holding this meeting along with suggested activities, service projects, printables, games, and encouragement from God’s Word. 

Activity Adventures will give additional ideas for at-home play centered around the monthly theme.

Bible Buddies will include encouragement from Scripture along with tips for digging into God’s Word… and a printable “Bible Buddy” for doll and me (I can’t wait for you to see these)!!!

Recap & Review will be a summary of the month plus an opportunity for you to share the blessings of playtime from your home.  You can send your pictures, comments, and encouragement to share with others and I’ll include it in the email!

A bonus for Classical Conversations families – you will notice connections to Foundations and Essentials at times!

The club is FREE!

My two oldest daughters and I are creating this club for my two youngest daughters, and we are offering the True & Lovely Doll Club content for free to any family.  We also design and create Christian and Homeschool doll accessories that can be purchased through our web store.  Club members will receive occasional shop updates and special offers only available to our Club email list.

Join now and look for your first True & Lovely Doll Club email on September 8th!

Back-to-School Special

Are you studying American History or Geography this year?  What about the Human Body or Chemistry?  Whatever your learning endeavors may be, we want to help you bring true and lovely play into your home!  We are offering a free USA Doll Outfit with every Cycle 3 Playset (while they last).  It’s a perfect pair when it comes to tutoring your dolls!  Learn more and purchase yours in our Etsy shop!

We’ll be rolling out new doll outfits soon – so check back!!


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Cycle 2 Playset Coming Soon!

Here is a little preview of the Cycle 2 Classical Learning Playset that will be released in August!

We will notify our email list when the new set releases, so be sure you are signed up!

Shop Updates

Cycle 2 Playset Features:

  • Latin Verb Conjugation Cards
  • Science Posters
  • Castle Pencil Holder
  • Tote Bag displaying a Crown
  • Washable Marker Europe Map
  • (Dry Erase Board on back of map)
  • PLUS… a few more things being finalized!

New Ordering Process

There will be a new ordering process for all our physical items.  Be sure you sign up for our email list, so you will stay informed about these changes!

Volcanoes, From Old to New

underwater volcano

We are in full volcano mode at our house.

I remember that first homemade volcano we crafted as a homeschool family.  We carefully molded the clay, painted it, shaped boulders, and once complete, positioned it in the aluminum tray.  Everything we had worked for over the past few days came down to that glorious moment.

While the six and seven-year-olds were “measuring” baking soda and vinegar, the three-year-old announced she needed one more thing.  Rushing off, she returned with safety goggles (she has always been my most prepared and responsible child).  Stationed and ready, they combined the ingredients in our make shift magma chamber and experienced the joy of that bubbly, food-coloring-drenched vinegar smell that should mark any legitimate study on volcanoes.  After the perfectly executed volcano, the child in goggles reported with all sincerity, “Mommy! Good thing it didn’t explode the house!”

That’s a parenting win. We didn’t explode the house.

And for a throwback, here’s chubby little cheeks.

first homemade volcano

This is proof you can trust me when I say we have some volcano experience here.  LOL 🙂

From Volcanos to Attending

While we are still completely into the baking soda and vinegar volcano (I’m pretty sure one child emptied a gallon of vinegar this week), we just discovered you can erupt an underwater volcano too!  You literally just put baking powder in the chamber and submerge it in water.  I don’t know how I’ve missed this all my life.  Here’s a pic of what ours looked like in the water. (Yes, these days our volcanoes involve less clay and paint.)

underwater volcano

Our discovery brought about a new level of attending.  As a result, we observed more closely and more eagerly.

From Attending to Wonder

What I loved about this experiment is all the wonder my children expressed.  I think we can attribute most of that to Classical Conversations teaching us to attend, and to question, and to wonder, and to marvel.

Our tutors on community day this year have been amazing.  I’m the kind of mom that just wants a good procedure to follow, and from there we can nail it.  By contrast, our tutors have done an amazing job modeling how to ask good questions, how to think about what we already know and make connections, and how to discover questions to research.  As a result, my teaching science at home has transformed.  Instead of simply following steps, we are exploring this world God created and are eager to search out more understanding. This is just one way our CC community has been so good for our family.

From Wonder to Research

With our underwater volcano, here are some things we wondered and, consequently, researched.  Maybe they will springboard your family into wonder and new discoveries!

  • Do volcanos really erupt under water?
  • What does the lava look like?
  • Is it still called lava if it’s underwater?
  • Can you see it from the surface?  Where does the lava go?
  • How often do underwater volcanos occur?
  • What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder?
  • How do they react in water? Will they dissolve?
  • Why did the powder go up?

doll and volcano

With eagerness, you can lead your kids in finding a book about a topic, performing additional experiments, or observing something more closely.

From Old to New

What old, ordinary, everyday encounter can you wonder about?


  • The familiar sunset as you drive
  • The common household appliance as you do chores
  • The favorite science activity they’ve seemed to repeat a million times

In every old activity, we can find new wonder.